New Sheep Packs

Download, unzip, and copy to your content/mpeg folder (on XP look in C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ElectricSheep, or on Win7 C:\ProgramData\ElectricSheep, and on Mac ~/Library/Application Support/Electric Sheep, and on Linux in ~/.electricsheep).  Note that on Mac that Library folder is in your home directory but is hidden, see this article for how to get to it.

If you want to install a bunch of packs (more than 2GB total) you should first increase the cache size under the settings control panel, or make it unlimited.

On Windows, that's in a hidden folder, you may have to go to "View" under the "Folder Options" menu and check the "Show Hidden Files and Folders" box. You can go there directly from configuration/settings window by clicking to the advanced tab, and then click "opening this folder", and put them in "mpeg".

again, the server is still

again, the server is still down. (try searching through the forums first for an answer)

it will be down until otherwise stated.

Additional Problems

I have installed twice and I got one avi file. However it does not play. All links to flocks or sheep packs do not work. Browser says that it cannot find the server om all links tried. I liked your program in the past, but since max OS 10.4 I have never gotten it to work. Are the sheep pack links being fixed? Are there additional config issues to be sorted out in the screen saver options? It shouldn't be this difficult!

Running Mac OS 10.5.7, Safari 4.03

Sheep 2.7b15a

the server with the sheep

the server with the sheep packs is down right now.  i've asked the owner about it, but haven't heard back yet.

if you got an AVI file it should play.  what is its name?  do you have the "seamless" option enabled?  if so, turn it off.

The sheep I got

The name of the file isfile:///Users/bzylman/Library/Application%20Support/ElectricSheep/



thats it. Does not seem to work

Seamless setting

Turned seamless off and it worked. Other problem is I have two monitors. Is sheep multi monitor aware?

I have the packs

I have the packs before the server going down. I'm trying to upload them to (in 400MB pieces). I'll post links here ASAP.

mirror of sheep packs

I'm uploading sheep packs to It is horribly slow. I also made a page for them at

when i downloaded the file it

when i downloaded the file it had to use the web browser to open it..any way i got turn that file into the sheep?
And also, where do I put the sheep after i fixed the file?

You need to decompress the pack and

You need to decompress the pack and put the sheep into the Mpeg folder, which is located in the Content folder.

I have updated the intruction on the wiki page. Hope it helps.

Thanks for the info. Only

Thanks for the info. Only problem i got now is im trying to re-install it so i can get a fresh new file that i can dowload all the new sheep on, but it keeps "cloning" the same Electricsheep file. And when i delete one the other one stops working

yep link broken for me as

yep link broken for me as well  error reads

The connection was reset

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

im running out of options hear  i downloaded one more sheep manualy from the flock page so now i have 2 sheep ....... spose im going to have to hope they mate

or start downloading them one at a time

i have let sheep run in the displat propertys window for hours now with no new sheep  it sais server is r2d7c whitch i think is rong  but the instructions i found on other blog for fixing it were for lisux so i cant atempt  ....... also at one point the screen saver said server failed useing free one (still no sheep i may add) but i never new there was a pay server  i looked all over the main site for a pay option to no avail   hell if it will get me some sheep tell me where to pay!!!!!!!!


yea something has gone wrong,

yea something has gone wrong, i asked after it.  do you have windows or mac?

Links bad...

The link appears to be down. I keep getting errors. Possible overload or have you removed it?

link not working

for me for some reason .....any help?

pack contents

all packs are from flock 243 - here are the sheep numbers for each pack:

pack3 13634-13999
pack4 14000-14571
pack5 15098-15998
pack6 16000-16998
pack7 17005-17683

Thank you so much for providing these. I did a stupid thing when I started to run beta 18, forgot to increase the disk space limit and that erased about 3 GBytes of flock 243 sheep. It's great to have them back!


Packs 1 and 2

Hi, how come packs are numbered 3 to 7? Where are packs 1 and 2?

Beta 18?

What do you mean by beta 18? Is this a new ES version for windows because the last version was 2.7b17.  I would appreciate some clarification on what you're saying. 


I didn't see anything about new betas until after I posted my previous post and scrolled the forums.

Just LOVE them!!!!

Thanks so much to all the artists and computer folks who have made this possible!

the packs are a great

the packs are a great concept.  I know storage space is far from infinite, but it would be very nice to have an archive to point people to to find additional sheep.  perhaps keep the screensaver running the way it currently does, and make the archives available via torrent?  possibly make the torrents (free) and then make it a fee for having the screensaver that automatically downloads them?  this way it provides additional incentive to use the pay service as compared to just faster and more.  that might not make people who want it to still be free terribly overjoyed, but I think it might help prevent an issue like the server taking you down again.


New Electric Sheep user here.. just downloaded 2 of the 5 packs and so far... its Flawless shame i didnt find this earlier.. cant wait till server is fully operable. -Garvizzle :)


Which flock are these packs from.

Well, I downloaded pack 3,

Well, I downloaded pack 3, and it is flock 243. Not sure if they all are, but I imagine that they are. It's great to have these packs available for those who would like to fill in some missing sheep.

Edit: just wondering why the new links at the archive say flock 244, when they are really 243?


Hmm ... Yes, W H Y ?

Hmm... Why?

r these any better resolution?

first thing first..the electric sheep just suck on on 1080p screen.. are these manually downloaded flocks any better?

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