mac not rendering sheep?


I installed the 2.7b14a version of the electric sheep screensaver for Mac OS X.  It seems to mostly work, in that it downloads and displays sheep.  However, when I press F3, it says it is not now nor ever has rendered any sheep.  I think I have things set correctly in the General Preferences tab (i.e. Render Animations is checked).




Sheep runs without issue on

Sheep runs without issue on my Intel iMac using 10.5.7 and Sheep version 2.7b15a.  Which version are you using?  Did you uninstall any prior versions before installing the latest one?

Sheep populate pretty quickly once the Sheep Saver is activated via the Screensaver panel in System Preferences.

Same here

Same here. Saver run several hours on a MacBook 10.5 with Rendering and Multicore enabled. But my fan goes crazy, if elecrtic sheep runs, so I think there is something consuming the cpu time. I have saved images neither.

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