Sheep Not Downloading

I am running 2.7~b12+svn20091224-1ubuntu2 on Ubuntu 10.10.  To help it along, I downloaded some sheep packs (6.9GB).  I then left it running for two days.  When I checked the size of my sheep cache this morning, it's still only 6.9GB.  I tested the connection to the server and it shows "good, registered".  My cache size is set to 81920MB.  Why are new sheep not downloading?  I am exepcting to see at least a couple GB worth of extra sheep by now.

it downloads about 20MB per

it downloads about 20MB per day so you have to look more carefully than that.  get a detailed listing of the ~/.electricsheep folder and see what the most recent files are.

Thanks for the reply Scott. 

Thanks for the reply Scott.  Wow, only 20MB per day!?  What happened with the new builds/versions?  When I used to run it on Windows (I forgot which flock #), 100MB or more was available every day.

Oh well, at least I know nothing is wrong with my client :)

Thank you

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