Apophysis default animation vs. sheep server rendering

I notice that the rendered animations of the sheep server do not look like the default animations of Apophysis (sheep edition)... is there a script available that Apophysis can run which shows the same animation as that rendered by the sheep server & the flam3-animate command line script.

Script difference

Messing with the program, I see that the standard Apophysis script ignores "symmetry" in the "colors" tab of the transform editor (it assumes symmetry is zero in the animation and only uses the actual symmetry for the colors, as far as I can tell). In the Sheep script, however, symmetry affects the animation. If you set all symmetries to 0, I think they would be identical, but of course that would change your flame.

I found what should be the equivalent of the Sheep script here: http://exper.3drecursions.com/2008/02/04/sheep-loop-v5-script/ (Apophysis version. This is not my site, I just found it at some point.) If you plug this code in to the script editor, it should look exactly like the Electric Sheep, except I guess for motion blur and quality.

I'm fairly new to Electric Sheep and might be wrong somewhere but that looks like the solution to me, to use the above script rather than the standard one. I have no idea why Electric Sheep and the standard Apophysis script do different things with the symmetry.

what difference are you

what difference are you seeing? afaik the only one should be lack of motion blur, which apo is not capable of. and of course the quality is lower otherwise you would have to wait all day.


for electricsheep.244.22551, the flame looks right in apo and it renders on the command line like the server's .avi, but the default animation in apo has the colored dots moving around and into the spiral center, and the center spiral moving off the page to the top and and later reappeared at the bottom moving towards the center. Another sheep (electricsheep.244.10479) had all visual layers moving in a counter-clockwise direction in the server .avi, while the apo animation has some of the visual layers moving in a clockwise direction.

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