Boost evolution & p2p

With current architecture when finess done in one central place electricsheep genetic algorithm search for one global minimum, that is not right. People are different and appeal to different visuals, if we have p2p architecture sheep will take ecological niches and we'll get sheep species best adapted to different people. FAQ says that bittorrent not used because not much people could seed, I think situation could change in place where I live internet allowing to seed normally appeared only year ago, so maybe this decision should be reconsidered?

we will reconsider p2p for

we will reconsider p2p for sheep distribution after we see how freemium works.

making the genetic algorithm p2p as well is essentially a rewrite of the system, becoming something way more complicated. it would be way cool but is beyond my current resources. perhaps if the freemium model is successful i can quit my day-job and this would develop over time.

however there are some much simpler ways to address the basic problem of differing taste (eg collaborative filtering) and there are other things higher on my agenda, such as making the rendering code itself open to collaboration and perhaps even evolution. that is, to support arbitrary meta-languages in addition to the genetic codes via some kind of sandboxing.

so i don't see myself releasing it anytime soon. but since our code is open source, you are more than welcome to use it to pursue your own agenda. please keep us informed of your efforts!

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