answers raise more questions

ok so i've been looking into this more and im super confused. what is this about other programs, should i just stick with fraktal fr0st. also i noticed when i make a new flame it has 1 layer... but the sample ones that i load up and study have multiple layers, however there is no straight forward way of addinling layers i.e. Right click, Add new layer. Can somone help? to my understanding you make theese complex images by having multiple layers revolving around eachother at different points on the x,y access. Ok so any recomended reading or somthing? so far all i have found is like the history of electric sheep, It seems like if theese guys really want the site and community to grow they would make accessing tutorials much easier. Look at Ableton Live software for music production, no shortage of tutorials on you tube.. I feel like more info on creating your own sheep is key.

fr0st works very similarly to

fr0st works very similarly to apophysis, and there are lots of tutorials available for that.

neither of them has layers, i don't really know what you are referring to when you say you see more than one.

i forget what there called

it was like xsomthing 1 xsomthing 2 etc and i could change and move each one to change the image. when i start a new one, it has only one and dosnt make much of picture.

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