remix and reuse

Do you want to display Electric Sheep free screensaver images and animations on your website or place of business, or at your event? Do you want to sample them into your own works or put them in your film or on the cover of your album or book? We're glad to hear it! For non-commercial use you may do this free of charge, on the condition that you give credit by saying "artwork by Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep".

Note that the Gold Sheep are not available like the Free Sheep. The Gold Sheep have their own terms of service.

The Free Electric Sheep are distributed under Creative Commons licenses.  The sheep generated by the algorithm are Attribution Non-commercial and have a lineage; those submitted by humans are Attribution, and are labeled with their designers name.  Please refer to the license link at the bottom of each archive page: eg brood, edge, and human.

Here is how the works should be attributed, depending on format:

  1. for still prints: either on the work in legible text, or next to the work on a label or caption.
  2. for video screens or projections on the wall (as a major componant): on an adjacent plaque, illuminated if the lighting is dim, or watermarked into the corner, clearly legible.
  3. for use in a film or video (as a small part of a larger work): in the credits at the end.
  4. for live mixing by a VJ, if the sheep are just a few of many clips in your show, then it suffices to attribute and link to on your web page, blog, myspace or wherever you promote yourself online. if the sheep are a substantial part of the show, then they should get credit in the program or flyer.
  5. for use on the web, then attribute in legible text and link to, for example with "Original art by Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep".
    1. If you are automatically downloading sheep and reposting derived works, then each use should link to the exact source, or at least include the generation and serial number of the original.
    2. If you are distributing files without attribution in a watermark, then put it in the file name, even if it's in surrounding text, since a user might save the file but not any meta-information. Name the file "electricsheep.XXX.YYYYY.ZZZ" where XXX is the generation and YYYYY is the serial number, and ZZZ is the file extension, eg "avi", "jpg", "mov", etc.
    3. If you are distributing your own Sheep Packs (archives containing many sheep), then include the attribution in the metainfo (description) of the pack, and in a text or html file inside the pack.
  6. on an album or book cover: attribute in the inside credits.
  7. If you design your own sheep, attribution is not required. Rerendering designs from the server does still require attribution.

Commercial use or use without attribution is possible with purchase of a license. for example, to use electric sheep in an advertisement or product packaging, contact

In contrast, the Gold Sheep, Dreams in High Fidelity, high-res prints of Electric Sheep, and Scott Draves' other limited-edition art is not available free of charge, see

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